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Vastu Shastra Tips for Main Door and Entrance to your house


For good Vastu of house, the entrance zone plays a very important role.

Building positives energies and creating a constructive flow of these buoyant energies within our space is vital to attract the goodness of life into our homes or offices. Creating this goodness begins from our entrance door, for entrance door is literally the mouth of your house. Just like you would not like to eat stale food for fear of harming your body, you don’t want your entrance door also to take in stale energies for fear of harming your space.

 Imagine this energy entering our space to be a person. Imagine you entering someone’s house. When you see a beautiful well-kept entrance that’s well lit, looks impeccable and attractive, wouldn’t you feel happier and positive? Now imagine a dingy staircase, a creaking door, chipped floor or a dustbin placed right there, with perhaps a foul smell. How would you feel about that house? Not that positive, I am sure. You wouldn’t walk in with that same enthusiasm. You may not even want to walk in at all because your subconscious sends a signal that this place is not making you feel comfortable. This is why correct Vastu of house is so important and crucial.

Energies feel exactly the same as we do. When the entrance is beautiful and inviting, the energy becomes positive and carries with it, abundance and good fortune. During Diwali, people light diyas at their entrance and keep their doors brightly lit all day and all night, put flowers, create Rangoli, believing that Goddess Lakshmi will set foot into their house. This ritual, actually has a deeper meaning. It signifies that wealth enters your space when you create those vibrant energies around your main door and even on the path leading to your main door. Then why just restrict yourself for a special occasion. Why not constantly create an environment that continues to attract wealth, good health, prosperity and happiness into your house every day.


  • Have you been keeping a dustbin near your entrance? This is completely against the right Vastu of your house.

    Ensure that there are no dustbins at the entrance. It’s the worst kind of negativity that you can create. For the same reason, shoe racks, shoes strewn around carelessly at the entrance, mops and brooms at the door, exposed and looking unsightly, are all an antidote of prosperity.

  • Keep the entrance always brightly lit! A bright doorway creates good Vastu.

    Dark and Dingy entrance will take away from the prosperity luck. If there is enough natural light, it’s fantastic. If you don’t have any natural light at all coming to your entrance, I would advise you to keep the lights switched on even in the day.

  • Maintain your door. Door is an integral part of creating good Vastu for the house.

    Make sure that your door does not make any creaking sound. If such is the case, oil the hinges or get them fixed. Cracks on the doors and chipped paint take away from the wealth luck. If your door looks dilapidated, it will attract more of those energies into your space. Get it fixed, repainted or perhaps changed. Check the handles. Ensure they don’t get stuck while opening or closing else new opportunities in your life will also get stuck. Also ensure they are not rusted or broken. New doors bring a fresh burst of energy into your space hence it’s always a good idea to revamp it every now and then.

  • Mirrors Reflecting the Entrance, a complete NO – It goes against the Vastu of the house.

    A lot of people put mirrors inside the house, facing the entrance door or else the mirror is on the outside wall looking out. They feel it will reflect away any bad energy that may come into their space, however not realising that by doing so they are also reflecting away any good energy that may be entering the house. Hence the mirrors should be placed very carefully and under no circumstances should the mirror reflect the entrance door. There are many other ways to protect your entrance. A pair of elephants with their trunks raised flanking your door on either side acts as protection. Similarly, you can even place a pair of Fu Dogs. They create protective energies as per Feng Shui. Swastik on both sides of the door also creates protection from negativity entering your space. It acts like a sieve that only allows good vibes to enter your space.

  • Give respect to Lord Ganesha

    One should not have Lord Ganesha at the entrance. By doing so, we give him the status of a Guard. He is our God, not the guard and his place should always be at the temple. Our mythology also states that the back of Lord Ganesha denotes poverty. Also, when he was guarding his mother, Ma Parvati, his head was cut off by Lord Shiva. Having Lord Ganesha at the entrance not only attracts poverty but also brings bad luck.


  • Enhancing Doors in specific zones

     If the entrance door is to the North, Northeast or East, you can enhance the luck of opportunities by placing a water feature at the entrance. Make sure the water is flowing inwards. The moving water will harness growth energies into your space. Luscious Plants can be placed at the entrance, if your door is either in the East, Southeast or South Zone. This will attract growth, wealth and success respectively. You can enhance the energies of your entrance by hanging 6 rod metal windchimes if your entrance falls in the West, North or Northwest Zone.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can go a long way in enhancing the success quotient of your space. Remember, good vastu of your house can bring great energies into your life.