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Abundance is a frequency

And the more you are exposed to it, the faster you can create it

So when you are around people who have a more positive aura, you come back feeling better about your life. When your best friends are working hard and they are ambitious about their growth process, don’t you feel motivated to do the same?

When you make friends, who are doing brilliantly in school, the energy rubs off on you. If you are spending time with people that have no purpose, you start to procrastinate too. These are vibrations that you are creating around you – the people you spend time with, the thoughts you focus on, the things you surround yourself with, everything comes with a frequency. And hence when you bring that positive shift around you and within you, and work towards it consciously, you are creating the frequency of Abundance in your life.

Now the reason why I often like to share these tips on Abundance with all of you is because I truly believe that my purpose is to spark joy in people’s lives and this is what I am born to do. I know it because it comes to me effortlessly. If you can take back anything from here and you are able to apply it to your life, you are able to change your life for the better, even if by a percent, you have moved a step forward towards a good life.

Today I am going to talk about simple methods by which you can attract abundance and spark joy in your life.

No one’s life is perfect. Even a millionaire faces problems – if not financial then emotional. If things were perfect, life would feel monotonous. Look at the nature around you – no tree is ever perfectly symmetrical, no river ever flows in a straight line, no mountain is perfectly created and yet they are there, in all their glory, sparking joy in the Universe…. It’s alright if your life is far from perfect, because it’s never meant to be – The real question is what are you doing to make it AMAZING? Are you being able to invoke joy every day?

I will share a very beautiful philosophy with you – It’s a Japanese method of changing our lives for the better – and it’s called the KON Mary Method – started by a lady called Mary Kondo. She has written a book that’s called THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP – She has a simple theory that she shares with the world – Kon Mary Method tells you how to organize your home in order to organize your life – emotional, mental and financial. This is similar to Vastu or Feng Shui belief that by having lesser stuff we are able to create a more stress-free life. When we give away the unwanted, we create space for what is needed in our lives such as a better opportunity at work or even a new relationship that you have been waiting for.

She has 5 steps that she follows

  1. Step 1 is CLOTHES.
    Put all your clothes in one huge pile like a mountain…. And then start to go through each one of them. The realization that you own so much gives you a shock value…. Hold each piece of clothing in your hand and ask yourself – does this spark joy? Would you want to take it with you into the future? If the answer is No, give it away. Before you discard it, thank it for being in your life. Gratitude at every step is important. When gratitude becomes a way of life, you start to complain less and live more..
  2. Step 2 is Books – Well no matter how much you love those books, if you want to hold on to them, you need to find a proper place for them in your home or its time to let go of that title. Remember, if they are kept in a pile, undusted and untouched – they aren’t books you love, they are simply clutter. If you can fit only one book shelf in your house, keep only that many books. The rest must go.
  3. Paper – Those piles and piles of paper that we think are important and we need to keep them and they keep adding up till they become a huge mess that you would dare not touch – your time is today and now….. go through them, recycle, shred or file them. Scattered papers simply mean a scattered thought process.
  4. Step 4 is KOMONO – these are all the miscellaneous items – items in your kitchen, in your store room, in your bathroom…. These are perhaps less about pure joy and more about practicality – Do you really need 5 wooden spoons? Segregate, try using transparent boxes to organize small stuff which is easy to locate.
  5. Step 5 Sentimental Items – Deal with sentimental items last. Because if you have already gone through the first 4 steps, you are now a master at decluttering. You have also learnt a very valuable lesson – which items spark joy.

The key to this step is to decide which items to display, which to store and which to discard. If something is really important to you, find a way to display it in your home. Then it will bring you joy everyday, not just when its time to declutter

I absolutely love The Kon Mary Method and I will tell you why. It resonates with me – it’s something I have always done in my life. In fact, one of my favorite things to do in my free time is to organize the drawers and cupboards. And over a period of time, not only have I become a master of declutter but I have also learnt an important lesson of detachment from the material things –

When you have the urge to stress shop, clean your cupboard instead. When you have the urge to eat junk food, do yoga instead. Or play music and dance. Better still, play music and declutter your space.

Decluttering is also important at a soul level…. Are you constantly meeting people who don’t spark joy in you? The key to de clutter lies in your own hands. Are you in a job that does not spark joy? Work towards a plan. Take a step at a time and you will learn to invoke joy, you will learn to spark joy and in return, you will learn to attract abundance.

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I would also like to thank all those lovely students of mine who have been on this journey with me and thousands of my clients who have always put their trust and faith in me.

Keep sparking Joy