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The 3 essentials for life – Food, Clothing and Shelter. Is the Vastu of your house conducive to bringing the good things on your table?

Food clearly being the top on the list, how can we not give priority to the kitchen space in our house? The truth is when there is food on the table, it is symbolic of abundance in one’s life. Kitchen being the zone where the food is cooked, it is vital that, it is given a place of importance in one’s house. The Zone, the colours used, the décor inside the kitchen, the way the placements are made within the kitchen walls, all play a major role in helping us create prosperous energies within our house. Vastu of the Kitchen is a very important aspect in bringing us success.

Kitchen represents one of the 5 most important elements that governs our lives – Fire. When the fire is in the right quantity, right dosage and the right zone, it warms us and enhances our lives in a positive way. When used incorrectly, it can burn us. In a positive way, fire is symbolic of warmth, fame, success and progress. In its negative form, the same fire can scorch, burn or destroy. Hence its paramount to follow the right Vastu for your house when it comes to planning your kitchen.

If the kitchen follows the rules of Vastu Shastra, it brings its residents not only abundance but also good health. If the kitchen is in the right zone, the food cooked has more love and more nutrition in it, thereby bringing well rounded happiness to the family members.

Here are a few pointers that one must keep in mind while designing a kitchen -

  • The kitchen should be in the Southeast Zone of the house.
  • While cooking, one must face east and ideally there should be a window towards the east zone of the kitchen, reason being that the morning rays of the sun coming from the East have the ability to kill bacteria and purify the food hence ensuring constant good health for the residents.
  • Water can be placed towards the North.
  • Mixer Grinder and anything that involves churning activity, even your microwave and oven should ideally be placed towards the Southeast of the Kitchen.
  • Refrigerator represents the air element and hence its placement should be towards the Northwest.
  • All the heavy cabinets that hold heavy utensils should be towards the Southwest.
  • Besides these placements, one should keep in mind that water and fire are opposing elements. Hence wash basin should not be directly opposite to the fire, nor next to it. They should neither be confronting, nor attached to each other.
  • Never place a mirror in the kitchen. Mirror reflecting the hob can double up fire symbolically and fire works well when used in small doses.
  • Keep the colours in the kitchen soft and pastel. We already have the heightened fire energy in the kitchen. By adding bright colours, we create more chaotic energies. For the same reason refrain from using black as black colour signifies water. Water and fire coming together can create clashing energies.

Most importantly, ensure that the kitchen is kept clean and clutter free. In a lot of homes, I have seen it become the most neglected zone of the house though it should be otherwise. With couples working and kitchen mostly being handled by domestic staff, its cleanliness is often overlooked, eventually leading to bad health or small bouts of constant illnesses. If such is the case, go and have a look at your kitchen and check for the following –

  • Crockery, glasses and utensils that are chipped or broken must be thrown away. They bring misfortune to the family
  • Refrigerator must be completely cleaned at least once a month.
  • Check for expiry date on all the ingredients, bottles, jars, juices, pickles, jams and more. So many times, they are lying in our kitchen way past the expiry date. You must get rid of those on a regular basis.
  • De-cluttering the space and getting rid of dirt, filth and insects is vital to ensure health and wellbeing.
  • Any gadgets that are not working, should ideally be fixed or given away. By holding on to things that are not working in your kitchen, you are subconsciously creating an environment that will lack in abundance.
  • For the ease of storage and availability, I have seen more and more young couples and single people storing their Rice and Aata in plastic containers. This is the worst thing one can do. Plastic containers are symbolic of bins and by placing Rice and Aata in these plastic jars and containers we are turning prosperity away from our lives, in other words throwing it into the bin. Please store them in metal containers.
  • South of Southwest being the zone of disposal, it works really well if one can have a dustbin here. Dustbin must be cleared everyday and if need be, even twice a day. Foul smell emanating from the garbage bins can again be a serious deterrent to wealth and well being alike.

Just by being a little cautious, a little responsible and a little involved, you can turn your kitchen into ZONE OF ABUNDANCE.