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Rashi Gaur is a renowned Astrologer, Vastu & Feng Shui Expert, Numerologist, Pyra-Vastu Expert, Influencer and a Mentor.

Her purpose is to simplify Vedic Knowledge to bring its goodness to the Modern World. She believes in taking this ancient knowledge and wisdom forward to people to help them attain a happy, harmonious, successful and a well-balanced life and she does so through consulting, teaching, conducting workshops and speaking at seminars. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. She has authored more than 200 articles as a subject matter expert and has been a practicing Consultant for 15 years. In her area of work, she has often been invited by many reputed setups – Dainik Jaagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Wedding Vows, Hindustan Times, Home Online, The Bulbul Shop, India Ahead TV, Magicka etc – to contribute with her articles, talk shows and to speak at their seminars.

She says “Removing obstacles in career, Attracting Wealth, becoming more successful, leading a stress-free life, Removing strains from your relationship, Finding the right partner… all these are possible just by creating the right flow of energy in our space, bringing balance in our numbers and strengthening certain Planets in our charts by very simple remedies. Life is all about the Energy Play. Let me guide you”

WEALTH POWER SUCCESS - an online workshop

This is a Vastu and Feng Shui based Workshop that has been designed for tapping into and attracting WEALTH, POWER AND SUCCESS!

Every house holds the secrets to wealth, power and success! We all have a khazaana of abundance that is waiting to be opened! The trick is to find the right key!

This Whatsapp Vastu Workshop is designed specially for that - for you to find the right key for unlocking the abundant energies of your space!

This 3 day transformational journey into abundance is going to teach you to analyse your own space, giving you the secrets to revitalise your space - bring balance and create a productive flow of energy so that no opportunity is ever lost!

Every space has zones that bring
• Wealth opportunities
• Business conversions
• Assets
• Gains
• Power
• Fame and Recognition
• Growth

The course fee is a small amount of Rs 5100

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